A widely known motivational quote states “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did really well under pressure.” Many look at this quote for inspiration and upliftment because of its relevance to various situations in life. When the pressure is on, sometimes beautiful things become of it — like diamonds. When you understand the richness of how diamonds form from highly concentrated carbon or an unattractive, invaluable piece of coal, you’re able to relate it to various situations in life.Meghan_Markle_3441-minAlong with the astronomical hype of recently engaged couple Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, Meghan Markle, comes the pressure of royal relationships and public interest. News about the atypical public hand holding, Markle’s background and heritage, and other topics on their royal enterprises make headlines that millions of people read. Within the wheelhouse of royal news lies fascination with Markle’s engagement ring.

In a trio setting, the center diamond comes from Botswana, holding sentimental value as this is where the happy couple spent a great deal of time throughout their relationship. Padding the center diamond are two smaller diamonds that once belonged to Prince Harry’s mother, the beloved and departed Diana, Princess of Wales. The ring was put together by Cleve & Company, Court Jewelers. Designed by Prince Harry himself, this custom ring deserves all of the attention it’s received thus far.

Unlike the infamously known blue sapphire engagement ring that now belongs to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the value of Markle’s ring is unknown. The exact carat size of the custom trio diamond ring has yet to been released. We do know that Catherine Middleton’s sapphire was 12 carats and also once belonged to Princess Diana. While Middleton’s ring is said to be worth over 300,000 pounds but $1 million due to its royal connection, Markle’s ring is said to be around the same value, if not more.

While it is unknown the exact cut of Markle’s glamorously sized diamond, some experts state that it appears to be around a 2.5 carat cushion diamond, using Blue Nile as an example. In terms to the 4 c’s of diamonds: cut, carat, color, and clarity, Markle’s diamond is one most will only ever dream of owning.

The cut of a diamond has the greatest influence on its sparkle — the foremost wish of any woman with an incredible stud on her finger. Granting the diversity among diamond engagement ring budgets, the average carat on a diamond engagement ring is just over 1.0 carat. Nonetheless, Markle’s center diamond is unquestionably impressive.