Taking the step in a relationship to get engaged is such a big thing, so why not make it perfect and make sure that the ring is the one in style. To help with this, Grant Mobley, the director and gemologist at Pluczenik, spoke about which top trends are “in” for engagement rings in 2018 and beyond.

Many rings are beautiful and could be a favorite, but sometimes a new ones replaces it. Here, Grant also talks about rings that have been around for a while and will likely continue to be popular.

mark bronner diamonds 2018 ring trends

The Three Stone Ring

This is the ring that Grant assures us will never go out of style – in fact, he says, its popularity may have even been increased recently after the widespread publicity of the engagement of Prince Harry and his now bride-to-be, Meghan Markle. Grant said further that this three stone ring is endless in its possibilities as the color and shape can be made into any combination you want.

Oval Shaped

According to Grant, oval-shaped diamonds on a ring are currently not only standing out but supposed to gain notice as the year of 2018 goes on. Several celebrities have already been seen wearing this type of engagement ring – Serena Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Ashley Greene, and Blake Lively.

Rose Gold

Grant said that the colors of conventional metal for an engagement ring which has seen the most popularity are platinum, yellow gold, and white, since other kinds were never as strongly liked, but with stars like Hayden Panettiere, Alison Brie, and Leighton Meester wearing ones with rose gold and diamonds, this very well may change.

True Diamonds

Although real diamonds have been used for centuries in engagement rings, lab-made ones have recently started trying to make their way into the jewelry industry. However, Grant says that these lab-made diamonds, which have almost no worth, definitely won’t be trending in 2018. He predicts that couples will want the real thing – for this season, it’s an oval.

Yellow Diamonds

This may not be a color associated with an engagement ring, but Grant says they are on the rise after seeing them being more commonly used for engagements. He added that yellow diamonds have a higher value and are rarer than white.

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