mark bronner diamonds womenHistorically, diamonds have been marketed as a gift that men buy and give to women. De Beers revived their dying business in the 1930s by marketing diamonds as the perfect engagement gift, and even today, most diamond ads from Tiffany to Kay Jewelers to Jared feature heterosexual couples kissing in the rain after the man has given the woman diamond jewelry. The vast majority of the diamond industry has counted on men being the main buyers of the precious gems.

A new company based in Canada is switching up the game, though. Mejuri markets their fine jewelry to women who want to shop for themselves. Step one was to eliminate the middleman to bring down the prices of the already artificially inflated cost of diamonds. Secondly, they made the buying process enticing to women. Their ads feature only women and aim to make the shopping process more appealing to women who are shopping for themselves. Many of the pieces include positive affirmations, too.
Between the prices and the marketing, Mejuri could disrupt the diamond market as we know it.