Mark Bronner Diamonds

Mark Bronner is an experienced diamond dealer with over 20 years of experience in the diamond business. He works and resides in the New York City area. Before entering the diamond business, Mark worked in a variety of industries, including labor, construction, and investments.

Mark Bronner grew up in Philadelphia with his parents and five brothers and sisters. His father taught economics at a local university, while his mother work at St. Joseph’s Hospital as a nurse. As a teenager, Mark would work full-time in construction while he was not in school, teaching him about having a strong work ethic. Unlike his brothers, who played tennis in high school, Mark began playing lacrosse, which helped him land a partial scholarship for the University of Delaware. He would go on to play for the university while volunteering for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. During his time at the University of Delaware, Mark earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

Following graduation, Mark Bronner began working in construction, where he found immediate professional success. He worked in a supply-chain management role, before being promoted to a management role. During this time, Mark began showing interest in investing, and entered personal investing shortly after. During this time, Mark worked on a variety of projects, including funding fast-food chains in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Eventually, Mark Bronner would be approached by a former teammate of his from the University of Delaware about working together in the diamond industry. It would not take long for the pair to begin working as diamond retailers in Philadelphia, giving him extensive and valuable experience that he continues to use today. In 1991, Mark moved to New York City to expand his work as a diamond retailer, where he remains today.

In addition to his continued work in the diamond industry, Mark Bronner also commits himself to philanthropy and community service. Since moving to New York City in 1991, Mark has continued to devote a significant amount of time to the Boys & Girls Club in his area. He was so impressed by the work from the Boys & Girls Club that he donated a wing to the Connecticut chapter. Some of his favorite programs from the Boys & Girls Club includes their education and career programs, character and leadership programs, health and life skills program, the arts program, sports program, and the fitness and recreation programs.

In recent years, Mark Bronner has continued to advocate for the beauty of diamonds. He strives to reshape the way that Americans look at diamonds. While it is no secret that finding diamonds can involve hard labor, Mark believes that diamonds can help fuel artists and visionaries.

Mark Bronner remains in the diamond industry, and continues to work in New York City. He lives in Darien, Connecticut with his wife, dog, and six kids. When he is not working, Mark gets involved in his community, and continues to show support for the available programs that can help teenagers be successful. You can learn more about Mark Bronner and his work in the diamond industry by visiting